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'The Walking Dead': Glenn's Alive, So It's Time To Start Worrying About Carl

You're going to want to keep an eye on this one.

Warning: "Walking Dead" comic book spoilers are ahead!

So, Glenn's alive, and that's great — but perhaps it's time to start getting worried about another season one veteran.

Perhaps you picked up on the not-so-subtle "The Assassination of Jesse James" vibes happening on the latest episode of "Walking Dead," called "Heads Up." Before the wall of Alexandria comes crashing down, bringing all manner of hell and horror with it, we see the various dwellers of the community spending their days in all kinds of ways.

Rick and Tobin work on reinforcing the wall (er, about that), Maggie is smiling up at Glenn's balloons, Morgan and Carol are about to get into an aikido fight over the fate of the wolf (PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN), Carl is about to get shot in the back by Ron, Michonne is admiring Deanna's map, and…


…wait, yeah, let's back it up a second.


Carl is about to get shot in the back by Ron. This is not a drill.

At the very least, Ron looks eager to take out the son of Rick Grimes. For weeks now, Ron has grown more and more unhinged, taking up an interest in firearms, and showing signs of mistrust toward Team Grimes, to put it mildly. It's hard to blame him, considering Ron witnessed Rick kick the crap out of his father in broad daylight…


…followed up by watching Rick put a bullet in his father's face later that same night. Ron looks like he's out for vengeance, and he's got the bullets and target practice to prove it. He's seen trailing Carl around Alexandria in the minutes before the wall's collapse, indicating that whatever he's up to is not good news for our favorite little cowboy-in-training.

Of course, there's another reason to start getting very worried for Carl, and it has to do with the comics.


Around this point in Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's comics, something unthinkable happens to Carl. Alexandria becomes overrun with zombies, and in the madness, bullets start going flying… and one of them lands right on Carl's eye.

Charlie Adlard / Image Comics

In the comics, it's a random act of friendly fire, as one of the community's more esteemed members gets ripped to shreds by walkers. Given that we're right up to that very same moment on the show, it looks like the AMC adaptation is gearing is up for a similar tragedy, albeit a more intentional one, with Ron as the trigger man.

Are we looking at a midseason finale cliffhanger with Carl's eye gone and his life in the balance? The show often mixes things up from the comics, so it's far from a guarantee — but if I were a betting man, I would place money on Ron taking the whole "eye for an eye" thing rather literally on his vengeance quest against the Grimes gang.