Watch Daniel Radcliffe Make A Franken-Monster Out Of Your Favorite Celebs

Our apologies to The Rock.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

In their new movie "Victor Frankenstein," Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy play Igor and the mad doctor themselves, respectively. They undoubtedly learned a whole lot about the art of bringing strange, ungodly creatures to life in the process, so when MTV News caught up with the bald-headed duo ahead of the film's release, we just had to get them to make us a Frankenstein's Monster of our very own... out of celebrities! (What, didn't you know that it's Frankenstein's MONSTER and not Frankenstein?! DIDN'T YOU?)

Watch in horror as these two talented funny-men turn Amy Schumer, The Rock and more into the most terrifying, monstrous creation you've ever seen. Because science.

"Victor Frankenstein" hits theaters on November 25.