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Ariana Grande's Grandmother Won The AMAs

Nonna >>>> everyone else.

At this point, we feel like Ariana Grande's grandmother is basically a celebrity in her own right.

Not only is she a style icon and the raddest red carpet plus-one EVER, but now it turns out she's a showstopping scene stealer, too.

Ari won the prize for Favorite Female Artist at the 2015 American Music Awards Sunday (Nov. 22) night, and the "Focus" singer just had to give it up to Nonna Grande because she basically set the whole thing into motion.

During her acceptance speech -- which, "ew," made her cry -- Ari explained that her gram herself might have given her the nudge she needed to win.

Ari whipped out her best Nonna impression and recalled her grandmother's winning words to her before the show: “Ariana I went on the computer. I voted, so I think you’ll win.”

So, not only is she the cutest thing ever...

And can totally boogie with the best of 'em...

But she's also good luck. When it doubt, cut to Nonna every time and we'll be happy. In fact, let's just get a straight-up Nonna focus cam going next time she's in the house because this lady is obvi spotlight material.