This Kid Had A Case Of The Hiccups And Still Sang The National Anthem Like A Pro

Hiccups or not, the show must go on!

Here's a quick question for ya: If you had to perform at the beginning of a major baseball game and you were suddenly plagued with the hiccups, what would you do? Well, if your answer isn't that you would sing through it, come what may, then this kid's got ya beat.

Ethan Hall, aged 7, sang the Australian National anthem “Advance Australia Fair” at the opening of an Australian Baseball League game, and despite his onset case of the hiccups, he did what he had to do and belted that song for the world, or the entirety of the baseball stadium, to hear. And to the sure delight of little Ethan Hall, his performance was met with uproarious applause, followed by high fives all around.

In the words of the game announcer, "That's the best we've seen all year, and I don't think anything will top it."

Watch the hilarity that ensues below:

H/T: Buzzfeed