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20 Reasons Why We Love 5SOS Birthday Boy Michael Clifford

Here's what we love about the 5SOS guitarist.

There’s a lot for 5 Seconds of Summer fans to celebrate these days, from the band’s recently released sophomore album Sounds Good Feels Good, to their upcoming performance at this weekend’s AMAs, to their new concert film “How Did We End Up Here?

But Friday (Nov. 20) is an extra special occasion: the 20th birthday of 5SOS’ resident goofy guitarist, Michael Clifford. While we would never even dream of playing favorites with this band, Michael has always charmed and impressed us with his talent and passion for music, his silly sense of humor, and his kind heart. So in honor of his big day, let’s look at 20 reasons why Michael’s the best:

  1. Let’s start with the obvious: he’s talented as all hell.
  2. Besides his stellar guitar skills, he’s also a damn fine singer and songwriter (“Jet Black Heart” is a fan fave for a reason — Michael shines on it).
  3. He has a great, contagious laugh.
  4. When he gets hurt (which is unfortunately way too often), he smiles through the pain.
  5. And he has a good sense of humor about it.
  6. He’s not afraid to be real about things that matter- — like mental health, for instance.
  7. He’s extremely friendly to 5SOS fans (always down for a selfie!).
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  8. And he’s constantly and graciously appreciative of their support.
  9. His Twitter feed is full of wise advice.
  10. Like, this should honestly be everyone’s personal mantra.
  11. He has impeccable style, especially his ever-changing choice in hair colors.
  12. He’s refreshingly normal and relatable.
  13. He’s a mama’s boy.
  14. And he’s like a brother to his bandmates.
  15. One who, naturally, likes to joke around with them a ton.
  16. There’s no sense of entitlement with Michael; he totally geeks out when he gets to do cool things like perform with his idols.
  17. He loves a good practical joke.
  18. And he’s a great sport when the tables are turned on him.
  19. He somehow manages to pull off any and every weird costume he wears.
  20. He knows how lucky he is and how awesome his job is, and he doesn’t take any of 5SOS’ success for granted.