Did Elle Fanning Wear A Sleeping Beauty Nightgown In Public?

Elle Fanning, Romance Was Born Sleeping Beauty dress

Does it get more meta than this?
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While promoting Maleficent, Elle Fanning took to dressing like her Disney royalty alter-ego, Princess Aurora. Red carpet after red carpet, she had a seemingly endless supply of regal ballgowns and pretty frocks fit for a, well, princess. But the littlest Fanning one-upped herself this weekend when she landed in Japan for the Tokyo premiere of Maleficent in a dainty number showing Sleeping Beauty's face. (Maybe she was taking a cue from this guy.)

Romance Was Born Sleeping Beauty dress, Disney nightgowns

Very, very pink.
Photos: Romancewasborn.com, Disneystore.com, and Jcpenney.com.

Though it remarkably resembled a little girl's Disney nightgown (you owned one, and don't even try to say you didn't), Elle's was actually a $350 dress by the brand Romance Was Born. Pricey, sure, but if anyone can justify the splurge, it's the actress who played Sleeping Beauty on the big screen.

You can get the look for less by heading to your nearest big-box retailer and rummaging through the children's department, or by raiding the pajama drawer of any small human you're related to. That is, if you can find one in a size bigger than 2T.

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