Kelly Osbourne Covered Her Head In Safety Pins

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne at Cadillac and Refinery29's Driven by Digital: Leaders in Style + Tech summer cocktail party
Photo: Getty Images

If you were thinking Kelly Osbourne's bright-purple, major undercut mini-mohawk couldn't get any ~edgier~, think again. Last night, she used a little magic and a lot of hairspray—probably!—to transform her short strands into an intricately woven braid situation (whoever said short hair had to be boring?!) that was secured with approximately one billion safety pins. I lost count after 27 because I'm bad at math but point is: THERE WERE LOTS.

The best part? You don't have to dye your hair purple (though you can/should if you want to), nor do you have to get an undercut mohawk (see previous parenthetical) to steal the look.

Kelly Osbourne

Unsure what's cooler: Kelly's hair or her cross earring
Photo: @kellyosbourne's Instagram

All you need is a handful of safety pins ($4 for 200) and a little braid know-how (free). Inspired by Kelly, I'm now immediately tossing out all my #basic bobby pins and replacing them with this punk-approved alternative. I'll probably need to stock up on Band-Aids because safety pins are, contrary to their name, a little dangerous, but a wound or two is worth it. Just ask Kelly.

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