Tupac Would Have Been 43 Today, Keep Ya Head Up With This Makaveli Merch


Only your credit card companies can judge you.
Photo: Etsy/40s & Shorties/Big Cartel

Happy birthday, 2pac! The iconic rapper (and Poetic Justice actor #neverforget) would've been 43 today. In honor of Tupac Amaru Shakur, we've rounded up some of the raddest tributes online. Everything from nail wraps, prints, and a Versace-inspired T-shirt in addition to finds that you might find in a swap meet. Happy birthday, Pac. You are missed.


If there was a pantheon of all-time hip-hop MCs, 2Pac would definitely have a seat of honor on high. This reimagining of the Versace Medusa reinforces that notion and lets others know you appreciate the classics, whether it be literature, design, or rhymes.


Remember mama's cooking? It might be a little easier with a pair of tea towels from Etsy.


Let everyone know which coast is the best coast in these Westside socks.


This hat pin looks like something I might have legitimately bought at a flea market in Fresno in '95 and pinned on my jean jacket before putting a Me Against the World cassette tape into a Walkman and hopping on the bus to school.


Pac's always struck me as a sensitive cat. In addition to writing poetry, Shakur attended the Baltimore School for the Arts where he studied acting, poetry, ballet, and jazz. I feel like this watercolor pillow from I Love Decor would speak to the artist within.


And for the minimalist, there's this print from Nvsrt.


Hey ladies, you can cop a set of 15 nail-art decals for $6 a pop.


I really have no reason for this, other than prints from Society 6 artist Michelle Guintu give me life.


This 47" x 36" acrylic painting comes in a gold frame and retails for $3,500. Can you really put a price on one of the best MCs in the game, though? Thought so. Perfect for the living room mantle, or your office at The Source.


Picture yourself rolling in a 500 Benz with one of these Cool Water-scented air fresheners swinging behind the rearview mirror, next to a pair of fuzzy dice, natch. Ayo, Saint Side, excellent attention to detail with the choice of fragrance.


A seriously perfectly oversized flannel to wear with Pac's face on it.


This also could've been found at a swap meet, but fortunately for most of us is not a 5XL. Cropped and sleeveless, this is the perfect top to be wearing while sitting on your stoop.


While the late, great Shakur may not have been born and bred in Cali, the state still loves him. Celebrate your "California Love" by wearing one of these tees from Band of Brothers. Grab me one, too. I'll be busy building a Thunderdome in preparation.


Since Shakur's untimely death in '96, there have been rumors (all unfounded) about Tupac sightings, and while they are not definitely not true (double negative whatever), I'd like to think that Tupac is chilling with Elvis and Andy Kaufman somewhere out there. Why not? In the meantime, the least we can do is start a grassroots movement and ask each other: Have you seen him?