Ozzy Osbourne Or Jared Leto: Whose Ombré Hair Is Better?


Ozzy Osbourne and Jared Leto.
Photo: Getty Images

Even though the show has yet to begin, music's brightest stars are already lighting up the 2014 Grammys red carpet. BIG TIME. And little do they know that before the competition starts to heat up for RULL, an unannounced battle royale has been brewing on the sidelines—and the winner won't be going home with a golden statue. MWAHAHA. They will, however, be going home with our highly coveted accolades, so, you know, there's that.

It's not often that we come across two dudes with hair SO GOOD that we'd trade it for our own. It's even less often that the dudes in question are old enough to be our dads. (Most of us, anyway.) But tonight, both Jared Leto (who's a mind-blowing 42, FYI), and Ozzy Osbourne (who's 65), have given us ombré *ACHEM* homme-bré strands to envy.

Ozzy, looking every bit the Prince of Darkness, showed up in a black pinstripe blazer over a plain black tee with black pants and black boots. He snazzed it all up with his signature circular purple shades, a few gold pins, and a pretty serious crucifix—but what we're really here to talk about is his hair. Granted, it doesn't look like there was a whooole lot of styling consideration (in fact, we're pretty sure he ACTUALLY woke up like that), but the subtle color-fade and natural waves are on-point.

Jared, looking fine as ever, also opted to rock his locks down and natural with waves for days. We don't know if he woke up like that, necessarily, but it's probably safe to assume that he towel-dried straight out of the shower like that. Leto's coloring is a bit more bottle-blonde on the ends, which really pops against his suit.

So, who do YOU think did homme-bré better at the 2014 Grammys?

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