Halloween 2013: 'Spring Breakers' Costume Ideas

We're in the homestretch, you guys: less than a week 'til Halloween! We've shown you how to revive the '90s, how to dress like characters from TV shows that aren't Breaking Bad, and how to resemble your favorite merkin-mask-wearing pop star, Lady Gaga. Now it's time to consider rounding up three of your BFFs for a group costume that guarantees it's ~Spring Break 4Evaaa~. That's right, we're talking Spring Breakers.

Spring Breakers

Your Halloween muses.
Photo: Spring Breakers' Facebook Page

Anyone who has seen the movie, slash anyone who has been on the Internet once in the past year, knows that the four Spring Breakin' girls—Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine—spend the majority of the film in bathing suits. They even wear bikinis in jail. They wear cut-out one piece suits to rob other revelers. They bad. We rounded up the three most recognizable looks from the film, which, with a few exceptions, you probably have all the pieces for already. We also already laid down some Spring Breakers steez tips when the trailer came out in January, so you can add mirrored sunglasses, snapbacks, anything neon, etc. to these looks for an extra Spring Break-y costume.

Spring Breakers

Spring Breaaaak in October.
Photos: Forever 21/ASOS/Urban Outfitters/Bumble and Bumble/CVS/Staples

It may be a little cold for just bikinis where you live, but maybe on Halloween you throw all caution/ability to feel cold to the wind and go all-out, IDK. There are nude bodysuits you can wear under your bathing suit (we included one in our Miley Cyrus H-ween costume), but if you're extremely brave or live in, like, LA, this costume is extremely basic: 4 bikinis (2 of which should be slightly mismatched), salt spray to achieve that beachy, frolicking in the ocean with James Franco hair, a fake tanner since you've been on Spring Break for so long, and a Solo cup so you can bring a drink with you to the beach/to jail/to rob, etc.

+ Pink Bikini: Keyhole Bikini ($14.98)

+ Orange Bikini Top: Shirred Tube Top ($9.99)

+ Blue Bikini Bottom:Colorblocked Hipster Bikini Bottom ($9.99)

+ Coral Bikini Top: Crocheted Bikini Top ($9.99)

+ Orange Polka Dot Bikini Bottom: Polka Dot Bikini Bottom ($6.99)

+ Blue Bikini Top: Star Print Triangle Top ($7.99)

+ Blue Bikini Bottom: Tie Side Bikini ($26.70)

+ Tanner: Jergens Daily Moisturizer ($9.99)

+ Salt Spray: Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray ($25.00)

+ Cup: Red Solo Cup ($7.99)

+ Hair Chalk: Hair Chalk Ball ($5.99)

Spring Breakers

Spring Breaaaak in October.
Photo: ASOS/Amazon/Forever 21

This look is a little warmer because you have on pants, a full-piece bathing suit, and a ski mask, which, in the movie, they wear not for warmth, but anonymity. Because Selena went back to school, this group outfit only requires you and 2 friends, though I'm sure if you had 4, or even 8, no one would notice. One great thing about this costume and the one above is that you can wear a sweatshirt or sweatpants and still be in costume: these girls love them some colorful sweatshirts. Similarly, comfort-wise, they're all always in sneakers, so strap on whatever pair you have laying around and get that candy. Or go to that party, whichever you prefer to do on Halloween.

Bathing Suit: Lion Print Cut Out Swimsuit ($44.48)

Pink Balaclava: Neon Ski Mask ($14.95)

Black Sweatpants: Loung Sweatpants ($15.80)

Spring Breakers

Aloha, Alien.
Photo: American Apparel/Amazon/ASOS/Party City

The final costume is a worthy addition to any of your group costumes: Alien. If you happen to have any clothing Riff Raff would wear, you can just throw that on and call it a night. On the off-chance that you don't, you can buy a few key pieces and transform yourself into Alien, rapper and Florida native. You may not wear that grill that frequently, but that shirt? If you don't wear it, please send it to me. You'll also need someone to cornrow your hair. We all have that friend who is really good at braiding: hit her up.

+ Hawaiian Shirt: Tropical Short Sleeve Button Up ($56.00)

+ Grill: Platinum Grill Set ($13.50)

+ Sunglasses: Jeepers Peepers Mirror Sunglasses ($32.04)

+ Chain: Big Gold Chain ($5.99)

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