You Can Shop M.I.A.'s Versus Versace Collection Now!

M.I.A. for Versus Versace
Photo: Versus Versace

Welp, the rumors were true and the projected shelf date was accurate, too. Color us PUMPED! M.I.A.’s Versus Versace collaboration collection is officially available, so get it while it’s hot! Scratch that: this collection will STAY hot—you just gotta get it before it all sells out. And it looks good, y’all. Like, WAY better than it did in the preview photos, IMHO. The color combinations are wonderfully vibrant, and the graphic, bootleg-inspired prints appear to have translated quite well to Versace’s sister brand. Best part about this designer capsule collection? It’s not out-of-this-world expensive. It ain't H&M, but the price point is a whooole lot less than buying Versace off-the-rack.

Live fast, die young, bad girls (and boys) can do it all in this line. (Though, you know, we're not actually advocating dying young.) You could throw on any one of these pieces for work, play or just like, stylishly going to the grocery store. (Personally, I prefer to peruse produce in sweat-free gym clothes, but to each his own.) The unisex collection includes t-shirts, jackets, leggings, jeans, dresses and even a super-fly pair of patent leather high-tops that may or may not already be sitting in my virtual shopping cart.

Want those infamous Versace chains to (figuratively) hit your chest while you're banging on the radio or in the car or at your desk in the office? Peep and purchase the entire collection here.


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