Check Out Shailene Woodley And Ezra Miller's Laid Back Red Carpet Look

Shailene Woodley and Ezra Miller looking distinctly damp at a screening for 'Red Lights.'
Photo: Getty

Don't tell our moms, but we're definitely guilty of leaving the house with wet hair on more than one occasion, even in the dead of winter. Sometimes you just don't have time for blow drying and styling and all that, am I right? We usually try to save our wet hair days for times we won't necessarily run into anyone, or, you know, get snapped on a step and repeat by a zillion paparazzi, but all that might be about to change thanks to Ezra Miller and Shailene Woodley. The duo stepped into the spotlight at a screening for supernatural thriller Red Lights last night in laid back, rolled-out-of-bed-chic looks, both topped by, of course, wet hair. The outfits, which also complimented each other color-wise, with both actors sporting warm shades of orange, managed to be so casual they turned back around into cool territory, or at least we think so. The two just won the same award at the Cannes Film Festival-"Male Revelation" for his turn in We Need To Talk About Kevin and "Female Revelation" for her angry daughter in The Descendents-so maybe that's where they planned their red carpet dress down? We find it hard to believe this is just a coincidence *strokes chin and scribbles notes in conspiracy theory notebook*.

People a lot of effort to looking like they don't care. From the no-makeup makeup look to the boho chic look pioneered by the Olsen twins, it's been years since people have been slinking into the spotlight looking like they forgot where they had to be until 5 minutes before. We're totally digging Ezra's rumpled gentleman steeze, with a bright orange shirt unbuttoned nearly half way down his chest, green paisley pants (maybe pajamas? We can't tell), and red chucks, of course. There's also what looks like a little creature sticking out of his pocket? What is that? We'd also like to know what's printed on that one exposed sock.

Shailene's look is a little simpler, pairing an oversize orange flannel with black skinny trousers and scalloped black flats. While we might have at least knotted the shirt, or tucked it in or something, we applaud Shailene's courage to be comfy. I mean, who wants to watch a movie in a tight dress and heels? Not us, that's for sure. Shailene's long hair is dripping down her shirt in her best woke up late before school impression, but still manages to look awesome (jealz).

What do you think, are Shailene and Ezra making a statement by eschewing glam on the red carpet?