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Kelly Clarkson's Baby Is Already A Music Video Star In 'Piece By Piece' Video

Oh hey there, River Rose.

We always knew Kelly Clarkson was total #VoiceGoals, but who knew she'd be queen of #FamilyGoals too?

In her new black and white "Piece By Piece" music video, the former American Idol singer takes on vulnerability by featuring children, moms and pregnant women expressing pure joy. And, of course, there's the grand finale of Clarkson holding her own daughter, River Rose.

Can we get a sibling video when baby no. 2 arrives next year, Kelly?

Believe it or not, babies aren't the only heartwarming aspect of "Piece By Piece." Clarkson's touching lyrics narrate the tale of how she found a husband who gave her everything that she missed in a father.

“My husband came into my life and he was the complete opposite of how my father was,” Clarkson told CBS regarding the emotional title track. “He was present. He wins for being around.”

Everything truly comes together for this family.

Check out the "Piece By Piece" video below.