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Here's How Maisie Williams Ended Up Taking On Zombies In 'The Forest of Hands and Teeth'

Author Carrie Ryan shares her excitement about her novel being made into a movie.

Maisie Williams will soon be fighting the undead.

No, Arya Stark is not heading North to take on the White Walkers ... at least not that we know of. Instead, Williams is playing the lead role of Mary in the film adaptation of "The Forest of Hands and Teeth" by New York Times Bestselling author Carrie Ryan.

In "The Forest of Hands and Teeth," Mary lives in a village surrounded by a chain-link fence that has protected people from the undead for generations. She longs to see the mythical ocean and chafes at being trapped by the fence and the archaic traditions of her people. When the fence is breached, Mary and a few friends flee into the forest and must try to survive in a world overrun with zombies.

We sat down with author Carrie Ryan at YALLFest to chat about the recent movie news.

MTV News: What do you think about Maisie Williams being cast as Mary?

Carrie Ryan: She is amazing. I think her ability to be both fierce and vulnerable – I feel like that is the character of Mary.

I still have these moments where I still can’t believe it. My rule with movie stuff is you get good news, you celebrate for the night, and then you go back to normal the next day, but ... it’s been really hard not to keep celebrating. It’s super exciting.

MTV: Who else is involved with the movie at this point?

Ryan: The producer is Doug Liman, and he did the Borne movies, "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," and "Edge of Tomorrow." And then the director is Kate Maberly. I met with her earlier this week, and we talked for like three hours. She is wonderful. I love her, and she’s put so much thought into this book and into every character. It was almost weird to sit down and talk to someone who had put as much thought into the world as I had, and just to be able to share the back and forth of that.

MTV: How involved were you with the casting of Williams?

Ryan: I haven’t been that involved. I don’t know anything about movies, really, and so I want to see it all from the standpoint of, like, I’m fascinated by it, so I want to see it because it’s such an experience. But I don’t want to mess things up. I feel like turning a book into a movie is like turning a song into a painting. If you’re not a painter, you can say I really love that song, but … I don’t want to get in [Kate’s] way. I trust her. She is passionate about this story.

My one request was to be a zombie. I was talking to [Kate], and I was like “I have one request.” And I could sorta see her being like, “Oh, here we go, here we go,” and I was like, “I want to be a zombie,” and she just cracked up. I also want to get a bunch of authors in there, so when you go to the movies, it’s like spot the dead YA author in the background!

Since it will still be a while until we get a trailer for the movie showing Maisie in all her zombie fighting glory, here’s the trailer for the book to whet your undead appetite.