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The 'Mockingjay' Cast Put This Interviewer Through Hell For The Best Reason

'I feel like you're not really a professional.'

Jennifer Lawrence has already proven she's the awkward interview champ, and now she can also claim the title of Queen of Mean because what she put one press interviewer through in the pursuit of a laugh was President Snow-level cruelty.

Of course, Jen was totally pretending the whole time -- because IRL her pizza-and-french-fry-loving-heart is almost as big as her considerable funny bone -- and she got a major assist from her "Hunger Games" bros Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. But still; this guy was a first-timer, and he did not get the Mila Kunis aw cute treatment at ALL. Even when he whips out a bag of pita bread in service of a timely pun. Womppppp.

The prank was done as part of the Prank It Fwd charity campaign which raises per-view donation revenue for, and the joke was on the Smosh Brothers, who were just trying to put together a solid interview but quickly found themselves at the business end of a no-joke-zone.

To be fair, that "Catching Fire" California joke was pretty facepalm-y, and shoe removal is generally always inadvisable, but Jen cut him down to size at every turn -- up to and including nailing the guy in the nose with a Nerf gun and straight stomping out.