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Adam Levine's Mermaid Tat Makes Ariel Look Like A Guppy

There's nothing little about this mermaid.

When the sardines begin to get mean ... Adam Levine's giant new back tattoo'll show 'em exactly what's what. At least, that's what we're guessing would happen because this thing is SERIOUS.

The Maroon 5 lead singer-slash-"The Voice" star debuted a new tattoo on Sunday (Nov. 15) night that covers the breadth of his back with a skull-toting mermaid that looks like she'd eat Ariel for breakfast -- with her own hair fork, no less.

Levine had been teasing the sh-t out of his new ink for weeks, sharing fragmented glimpses of the design, like this one of her hands resting on the top of her fin.

There was also this portion with the waves and sun-crest detailing.

Welcome to the hot non-crustacean band, badass mer-friend. What with the NSFW video tendencies of M5, we're sure we'll see a lot more of you soon.