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This Teenager Penned An Incredibly Moving Tribute To Paris Terror Victims


A 16-year-old named Tess has penned one of the most moving, heartbreaking tributes to the victims of Friday's Paris terror attacks – and the post on her Facebook page has gone seriously viral.

A helpful commenter on the page translated Tess' beautiful words into English:

Mom, I have a lot to tell you.

Tonight, I got into this huge concert room and I danced. Danced. Danced. I danced until my feet hurt, I screamed until my throat hurt. I can't speak anymore. Do you remember how many times I asked you, with sweaty hands, if I could go to this concert? At the end you told me yes. So tonight, I let the music make me fly. I was elsewhere, mom, it was so amazing. We were all there, stuck together, screaming, sweating, smiling from ear to ear. An unknown happiness was engulfing our bodies and music was mesmerizing us. Then there was a «boom». You know, this kind of «boom» which breaks the spell, which stops time. It was a noise out of the music, it sounded false. Everything shut down. Instruments stopped playing, screams went silent. I was out of breath, disoriented, I couldn't breathe normally. And the «boom» rang out again. I heard piercing screams, like calls for help. It was really hot inside, however we were freezing. The booms went quicker, continuously... So we laid down. The ground seemed to shake but it was us who were shaking. Gunshots didn't stop singing. It was another concert, other music notes and the lyrics were only death rattles, horrible plaints. Mom I liked music, but not this one... And I think they understood this. I, however, didn't have time to understand. They killed me, mom. They made their bullets sing against me for the one and only reason that I was there, in the wrong place. The wrong night. They killed me and I will never listen to the music again.

128 people won't ever listen to the music again.

Mom, tonight, I come to tell you that my notes were killed but the song keeps going on.

#PrayforParis I took my feather out again tonight. I didn't write in a long time, it's not really well-written but it was written with the heart.

What a poignant, poetic reminder that expression and community are so important at a time like this. We encourage all of you to share your thoughts on Friday's tragedy in any medium possible – discussion, empathy and love are integral parts of healing. Bravo, Tess – you are a shining example. And Paris, we stand with you always.