Nine Inch Nails' Vrenna To Substitute For Stabbing Westward Drummer

Chris Vrenna of Nine Inch Nails will be the first substitute for Stabbing Westward drummer Andy Kubiszewski -- who recently broke his collarbone in a rollerblading mishap -- on the band's current tour in promotion of

its latest LP, Darkest Days, according to Lisa Lashley, the band's publicist.

Vrenna, who played in an early version of the group, will fill in on the skins

for shows scheduled from June 7-12, after which Killing Joke's Geoff

Dugmore will step in for the remaining dates until Kubiszewski -- who doctors

estimate will take eight weeks to recover -- can return to the tour. Vrenna

recently did engineering work on Hole's upcoming album as well as remixed a

Green Day track for the Godzilla soundtrack.