Timbaland Doesn't Approve Of Aaliyah Vocals On Drake, Chris Brown Songs

By Maurice Bobb

It was only a matter of time before Timbaland, a long-time friend, mentor and producer for late R&B star Aaliyah, spoke up about her recent posthumous collaborations with Drake (“Enough Said”) and Chris Brown (Don’t Think They Know”). To put it mildly, the multi-platinum beat maestro doesn't approve.

“In music, people always say, ‘I’m going to do a song with Aaliyah.' It will never work,” Timbo told Revolt TV in a recent interview. “Chris Brown got a record, it won’t work. Drake can go do a record with Aaliyah, it ain’t gonna work.”

The beloved "One In A Million" chanteuse passed away in 2001 in a plane crash after a music video shoot, but her legacy continues as both Drizzy and Breezy clamored to feature her unused vocals in the songs. Both songs reminded Aaliyah’s fans of her powerful voice, but lacked a significant ingredient: Timbaland’s production.

“Aaliyah music only work with its soulmate, which is me,” Timbaland said, condemning any future releases, which include Drake’s reported Aaliyah album, which doesn’t include him or and Missy Elliot.

At the tail end of his conversion, the Magna Carta Holy Grail producer dropped another juicy little nugget that had nothing to do with Aaliyah, but instead about his upcoming collaboration with Queens rap legend Nas. “I told Jay this…I said the person who gets me from hip hop now, they album’s gonna be phenomenal and that’s Nas,” he said, excitedly.