Pavement Cement Plans To Record Next Studio Album

Band probably won't release its new material this year, and a proposed live album has been shelved.

Even though lo-fi rockers Pavement are returning to the studio to record

their fifth album in June, guitarist and songwriter Steve Malkmus has no

illusion that their new collection will be released in '98. A proposed

collection of live recordings by the band has also been shelved for the

time being.

"Matador Records has gotta work that Liz Phair album into the ground," he

deadpanned, referring to the anticipated summer release by Pavement's

acclaimed labelmate.

Still, Malkmus said he hopes that his band's follow-up to the well-received

Brighten The Corners (1997) will be completed by November. That's

when he expects to hit the road as part of David Berman's Silver Jews,

whose forthcoming CD, The Late, Great Silver Jews, Berman and

Malkmus recently finished recording in New York.

Demos for the upcoming Pavement record are now circulating among

bandmembers, although lyrics are far from complete. The five-piece band --

Malkmus, Scott "Spiral Stairs" Kannberg (guitar), Mark Ibold (bass), Bob

Nastanovich (percussion) and Stephen West (drums) -- will head into Larry

Crane's Jackpot!! Studio in Portland, Ore., next month.

"We're going to rehearse there and hopefully get some good tracks there,

then we're going to go somewhere else that's probably a little more

high-tech to do the big rock thing," said Malkmus, 30, from New

York while on a break from mixing the Silver Jews album.

Shelved for the time being is any hope for a Pavement live album, which had

been discussed as a possibility for a summer release. Malkmus said that the

single European show that was to be the basis of the proposed album was

good, "but it didn't blow me away."

"We all decided it could be better," he said. "While die-hard fans would

like it, not everyone that hears it is gonna be a die-hard fan. We want to

turn some other heads, give them a wider representation of the band than

one show."

For now, the respected alt-rock band will concentrate on its next studio

effort while mulling the possibility of soliciting tapes from fans for a

future live release.