Be Prepared — Disney Is Reimagining 'The Lion King' In New Film

Now we get to watch Mufasa die all over again

Get ready to roar, because Disney’s The Lion King is returning to theaters with a new movie. The Walt Disney Company announced Wednesday (September 28) that Simba’s story will be reimagined using groundbreaking technology, à la the recent Jon Favreau–directed Jungle Book update. In fact, Favreau will take on the update, and he teased fans by tweeting a not-so-subtle clue.

Several people immediately assumed it was for The Lion King, but others (like me) incorrectly guessed it was for Disney’s all-animal version of Robin Hood. Both have lions and both have kings, so, like, it was an honest mistake, OK?

Not much has been shared about the new movie, but Disney did state it will include songs from the 1994 animated film — because really, how can you have The Lion King and not have “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King?” Favreau is also directing The Jungle Book’s sequel, but no release date for either film has been announced yet.

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