Screenwriters Hired For 'Hancock 2'

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Hancock 2" has nabbed a pair of screenwriters in Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara. Fierro and Mazzara are mostly known for their television writing, previously collaborating on FX's "The Shield" and writing independently for Fox's "24" and NBC's "Life," respectively.

"Hancock 2" is the first major motion picture for Fierro, while Mazzara has turned in a screenplay for the unproduced "Hater."

Details on the plot are being kept under wraps, though THR notes that "the scribes will work with Smith and director Peter Berg to build on the world hinted at in the first movie."

The world of "Hancock" consists of immortal gods that have secretly existed for thousands of years. When in close proximity of one another, their godly powers begin to fade. At the end of "Hancock," Will Smith and Charlize Theron's all-powerful beings had to separate from one another in order to maintain their immortality.

But Smith and Theron's characters aren't necessarily alone in their godliness—Berg has already expressed interest in introducing at least one more immortal character in the "Hancock" sequel.

"There might be another god out there," the director said. "Might be another."

Even if further gods aren't introduced in the sequel, chances are good that Theron will return for "Hancock 2." She previously told MTV News that she'd return for another outing if "everybody's on board." With Smith and Berg consulting on Fierro and Mazzara's screenplay, Theron's return is almost a certainty.

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