Best Coast Incite Marriage Proposals at Hangout Music Fest

Best Coast

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About halfway through Best Coast's Hangout Music Fest 2013 set, Bethany Cosentino wanted to slow things down ... and heat things up. "Make out with whoever you want," she said. "Hold hands. Fingerbang." Of course, she was being a bit facetious, but it was a moment that encapsulated Consentino's sunny vibes mood the final day of the fest. She even took the time to explain how Best Coast songs relate to Gulf Shores, Hangout's home: "You have tits and babes and guys topless." The crowd responded in full, replete with marriage proposals. (Spoiler alert: Consentino said yes.)

— dan smith (@danspacesmith) May 19, 2013

Meanwhile, the band offered up a selection of songs from their two albums, Crazy For You and The Only Place, which paired perfectly with the white sandy beach. Among the highlights were a fast, punchy version of "Summer Mood," a spunky take on "The Only Place" and the breezy "Goodbye." The California rockers also performed new song "Fear of My Identity," which was released as a 7" for Record Store Day in April.

Best Coast will be on tour throughout the summer. Meanwhile, Hangout Music Festival 2013 concludes today with performances from Stevie Wonder, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Steve Aoki, Baauer and more.

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