Lil Wayne Talks About His New Sober Outlook On Life


Lil Wayne’s much discussed use of marijuana, alcohol and the street drug “lean” has been well documented in the press and across the Web, with many whispers in the industry that the Young Money head honcho was slowing boozing and smoking his way to burnout. After gun charges landed the rapper in prison, Wayne was subsequently cut off from his usual haunts. And with probation looming over his head like a specter and denying him his former pleasures, Weezy has had to learn to adjust to a new life without the habits of old.

As his drug and marijuana use grew, however, so did Wayne’s musical productivity – sometimes with curious but still wildly popular results – but it was clear that his many references to his habits showed that he may have had an addiction problem. MTV News caught up with Weezy backstage on the kickoff of his "I Am Still Music" tour in Providence, Rhode Island and the New Orleans native addressed questions about his new sober path and how much of a change it is from his wilder days performing under the influence.

“Yeah it’s a big difference. I almost jumped in the crowd, “said a relaxed Wayne to our own Sway. “I’m like I’m sober, I’m sweating. I’m tasting my sweat. My sweat taste different. My sweat used to taste like weed. But now it’s just, I’m like I don’t know what it is.” Weezy went on to add, “I’m out there, my eyes big, my eyes all wide. I had threw my glasses, I don’t even need these. I could see everything right now. But yeah man, it’s a great feeling.”

Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and rocker Travis Barker have been rocking sold-out venues across the country on the 24-city "I Am Still Music Tour," with special guest Drake shocking a delighted crowd this past Sunday (April 3) in Washington, D.C.

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