Nicki Minaj Says 'Raining Men' Duet With Rihanna Was Written 'In Bed'

Sitting at our computer and checking our @MTVRapFix timeline on Friday (January 21), we saw that Nicki Minaj was chatting with our British buddy DJ Semtex on BBC's online radio station 1XTRA. As we tuned in, Nicki began talking about her duet with Rihanna "Raining Men," where she ends her featured bars with a controversial line and the Weather Girls, who made the original song.

"I just wanted to be crazy, I wrote that track in bed actually. I had an off day, they sent me a record and said they needed it back in 24 hours and I wrote ... saying craziness," she said. "I wanted to make it more melodic and crazy.

"On the last line of 'Raining Men' I say 'It's raining men, fat bitches' " she continued, with a giggle. "I just said it and I couldn't take it back ... Then when I was at Yankee Stadium, I ran into [Island Def Jam Music Group Chairman] L.A. Reid and he repeated that line back to me. And I was like 'Did L.A. Reid just say 'fat bitches?' I wanted to pass out."

Rihanna and Nicki recently wrapped the clip for the pair's duet "Fly" on Barbie's Pink Friday.

"We're shooting the video with Rihanna for 'Fly,' " Nicki told E! News recently. "We're going to save the world in more ways than one with the video, and that's all I can say about that. ... I love Ri Ri! I mean, when she's not grabbing my ass, she's a sweet girl."

Later in the rapper's BBC interview, she brought out her signature Roman Zolanski-inspired British accent.

"You remind me of Mick Jagger, he's got a similar accent," Londoner Semtex said, as the MC mimicked his accent back to him.