Cam'ron Talks Loss of MC Huddy 6, Relationship With Mase


By Hillary Crosley, with reporting by Sway Calloway

On Thursday (January 20), The Diplomats reunited on "RapFix Live," which you can still watch here, to talk with MTV News' Sway. During the interview, the gentlemen touched on the loss of Harlem MC Huddy 6, who passed away late last year.

"My brother passed away in October," Cam'ron said. "If you're from Harlem or the New York area period, everybody know Huddy 6. He's the dude that go to the club with no money and leave the club without doing a show without performing. If you're from Harlem, you knew him. It don't matter what street you on, he was outside and you'd be able to find him. I just miss him, he was the definition of Harlem."

When the funeral service was held for Huddy, many assumed that fellow Uptown rapper-turned-preacher Mase would've attended the service. However, Mr. Betha did not make the trek to Harlem and rap fans were both confused and disappointed. But they weren't the only ones.

"Mase ... is gon' pop up when he want to pop up and get stuff popping and then just be out," Cam said. "If we say we gon' do something, that's what we gon' do. I'd rather you say 'Hey, I'm in the neighborhood for a minute. How you doin'?' and then be out. But we start plottin' and scheming saying we gon' do this and that and then he's back missing again.

I don't mind, we all grown now," Cam continued. "If this ain't what you want to do, just don't waste my time, that's my whole thing."

And while rumors have swirled that Mase and Cam were on the outs, the Diplomat leader said the issue, like most things Giles-related, is really just a matter of fact.

"Everybody say I just be wildin' but if you ask me, I'll explain it to you," he said.

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