Jay-Z Smiles At The New Jersey Nets Game

The New Jersey Nets might've lost to the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday (January 19) but the team's partial owner Jay-Z appeared to be thoroughly enjoying himself.

The Roc Nation head is currently working on his duet album Watch The Throne with Kanye West. The pair released their first single, the Lex Luger-produced "H.A.M.," not long ago to mixed opinions.

"Jay-Z made the song. His verse was electric, but it seemed like Kanye didn’t take the verse as seriously," Flexx, of Washington, D.C.'s WPGC, said. "He seemed like he was playing around."

The track's language, considering quite a bit of Kanye's introductory verse is sprinkled with "n---a" and both MC's boasts "muthaf---a," in the chorus is also controversial. Few things are worse than a rap hit turned bland by radio edits, but what if omissions are the station's only option?

"I don’t understand why these records keep coming out with curse words in the chorus if they’re going to be the single," Von said. "Things used to be subliminal but not anymore. Then people want to talk about what’s wrong with the kids."

As for Luger, the 19-year-old Virginia native is still impressed by West and Jay's star power.

"I'm still surprised, a lot of people say that it ain't really set in yet," admitted Lex. "Jay-Z and Kanye West, that's cool to me. I'm enjoying it. I ain't gon' say that I've really got the feel of this position but I like what I'm doing. As long as my family's straight, that's all I care about."

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