Sony Got Majority Of 'Journey' Profits, Says Jenova Chen

Despite being a breakout success, thatgamecompany's "Journey" still isn't making any money for the studio. According to Jenova Chen, the majority of profits are being used recover the millions of dollars needed for the game's development

"Sony owns all the rights to the games, and they also make the majority of the profit off the games." Chen tells Joystiq.

"We were at a spot where, if we couldn’t figure out the next game, or find the next deal, then at the end of Journey we’d run out of money. When the game makes money, the money first goes back to pay back the money they’ve invested. So, that’s going to take a while – Journey cost multiple millions of dollars to make. Once that money is recouped, then we will get royalties."

Thankfully, Chen believes thatgamecompany will start to see those royalties from Sony's next batch of payouts. The studio's next game will be multi-platform, funded by a venture capital firm, and it's clear the studio is through with platform exclusivity deals.

"Well, exclusivity is a problem, right? Because we as a company are inspired to make something that helps people and makes some positive change for people who play it," Chen said. "I want to make sure, if we do make our next game, and if we put our heart and soul into it, people need to be able to play it."

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