'Call Of Duty: Black Ops' Gets More Zombies, Danny Trejo, In The 'Call Of The Dead' Map Trailer

call of duty black ops

Excitement has been steadily mounting for next week's release of the second map pack for "Call of Duty: Black Ops." All of this despite the fact that Activision and Treyarch have shown little more than a half-second of footage from the new zombie map, Call of the Dead.

Well. That changes today. Hit the jump and press play.

Quite a lot going on here. Starting with a cast of movie stars! Danny "Machete" Trejo, Sarah Michelle Gellar "the Vampire Slayer," Robert "Freddy Krueger" Englund and Michael "He's always awesome, plus 'The Walking Dead'" Rooker. Featuring GEORGE A. ROMERO, creator of "Night of the Living Day" and what we think of as zombies, as your guest boss zombie.

Getting chills yet?

"This is Treyarch's tribute to the legendary George Romero, who truly defined the zombie genre and whose incredible work has been such an inspiration to our team," "Black Ops" director Dave Anthony said in the press release. "It was an absolute honor to work with such an amazing and talented cast whose passion and energy brought their characters instantly to life. Fans are going to love this."

The storyline for Call of the Dead is said to be inspired by the works of Romero. Hell, the entire idea of zombie killing in an enclosed space -- the sweetest fruit of the Treyarch-led portion of the "COD" series -- belongs to Romero. The filmmaker has always admitted to having been inspired himself by earlier examples, but zombies in today's pop culture are what sprung from his head back in 1968.

Watch this trailer again and again. We certainly will be. It is rife with clues of what to expect from what appears to be heavily tweaked gameplay.