'Phantasy Star Online 2' To Feature Random Encounters, Shooter Style And Jumping!

phantasy star online 2

It's okay if you can't keep up with the many twists and turns that the "Phantasy Star" series has taken over the years. All you need to know for today's news is that "Phantasy Star Online," which was the series' first step into an Internet-connected world as a year 2000 Dreamcast release, has a numbered sequel in the works. The multiplayer action-RPG is said to be coming to Windows PCs later this year, and today brings a few new details about what the gameplay might entail.

Japanese language website 4Gamer.net (via Andria Sang) has the info, thanks to a reveal at a Sega-hosted fan appreciation gathering for "Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity" in Tokyo's Akibahara. There's not a huge amount to sort through, but fans will certainly welcome any news on a game that has so far been kept pretty well under wraps.

The story will apparently involve some kind of invading alien force known as Arcs. It sounds like your hero character is a member of a roving ship fleet called Oracle, and that it'll be up to you to stop the invasion. All in a days work for a video game hero.

A number of new features were gleaned from a video shown at the event. "PSO2" will feature "random fields" -- Which presumably means hunting areas with random encounters? Fans, a little help? -- some third-person shooter elements, a weather system, "Something will happen every time!? Interrupt Events" and "Jump Action," which hopefully means that this sequel will allow your characters to jump, a series first.

More details will be coming soon, reportedly before the game's alpha test kicks off this summer.