'Back To The Future: Episode 4 - Double Visions' Out Next Week!

back to the future the game

Telltale Games has been doing a masterful job on "Back to the Future: The Game," an episodic adventure game series which unfolds the continuing adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown following the events of the original film trilogy. Three episodes of the five-episode series have now come and gone, and the fourth one is set to arrive next week.

Telltale revealed the news late yesterday evening on its Twitter feed. Following the usual pattern of things, the fourth episode, titled "Double Visions," is coming to PC and Mac first, with PlayStation Network and iPad versions coming at an unspecified date afterward.

Things have been getting pretty crazy for Marty McFly. What started as a fairly mundane -- great story, but familiar -- trip back to the era of Prohibition has quickly snowballed into a sizable mess for young McFly. (SPOILERS: stop reading if you're not caught up with the episodes)

Marty's fumblings in the past led to some big changes in the present, thanks to the younger Doc being hooked up with and married off to a joy-hating stick in the mud. At the end of the last episode, Marty finally met First Citizen Brown, Doc's Big Brother-like alternate present self... and he really wasn't such a bad fellow. That Edna though.

This next adventure will team Marty and FC Brown up as they head back to 1986, where he and Marty will work together on an invention that will hopefully prevent a young Emmett Brown from falling for his future wife.