'Minecraft' Gets A Real World Twist In This Sweet Art Installation


"Minecraft" is one of the most inexplicably successful games of the modern era. That's not a negative comment on its quality -- if the game weren't awesome, it wouldn't be huge right now -- but rather the fact that it's a PC-only release that is technically still in beta and features graphics that would have felt a little outdated 10 years ago. It's great though, and it's popular as a result. So much so that one pair of fans were inspired to create a board game adaptation as part of an art project.

Jeffrey Kam and Cody McCabe created "Meatcraft" for an exhibit featured at San Jose University in March, as detailed in pictures and text on the project's website (via Rock Paper Shotgun). The installation, guarded by a Creeper, 'natch, was broken into two crafting tables, complete with pixelated tools and working torches. No animals or minecarts, however, due to time and budget restrictions.

Visitors were encouraged to stop at the tables and use the 1,500 pieces to build whatever caught their fancy. What's interesting is, Kam and McCabe noted that the creative focuses of the various people who stopped to play with art in many ways lines up with how different players interact with the PC game itself.

There are players who like to mine, some who like to build structures, and even some who simply stand around and watch the awesome things people do in game. In the gallery, those who were familiar with Minecraft began digging for ore, specifically the very rare diamond(we only had 4). They exchanged them for the mini tools we had at the crafting which they were able to walk away with. Some visitors simply gathered blocks and built structures to the side (inevitably there were annoying 1-block wide skycrappers), while others simply watched the mayhem and awesomeness happen. It was interesting to see the relation between Minecraft players and our gallery visitors. All the visitors, both those whom had played Minecraft and those whom hadn't, seemed to reflect a type of Minecraft player.

These two did some really nice work, as you can see in the image up top. There are plenty more to look at on the official website, so be sure to check it out.