'Shadows Of The Damned' Pushed Back To June 21 Release

shadows of the damned

Back at the beginning of March, right around GDC, Electronic Arts confirmed the forthcoming release of "Shadows of the Damned," a Grasshopper Manufacture production, for June 7. That also happens to be the same day this year's E3 kicks off. In what is most likely, at least in part, a response to that, EA has now pushed back the "Shadows" release to June 21.

"Shadows of the Damned" may be a Grasshopper joint, which means it springs from the weird, twisted brain of Goichi "Suda51" Suda, but it's really more of a dream team collaboration than anything else. Suda51 joined forces with "Resident Evil" creator Shinji Mikami and "Silent Hill" composer Akira Yamaoka for the game, which Russ noted in a recent preview feels like it was inspired by the works of movie director Robert Rodriguez.

Here's an excerpt from the preview that no amount of paraphrasing could possibly do justice to: "Trippy doesn't begin to describe the extremes I was presented with during the 20 minute walkthrough. In one scene, [the game's protagonist] Garcia had to fend off an oncoming wave of darkness by shooting a floating goat skull before feeding eyeballs to evil gates with baby heads in them."

The story itself is simple enough. Garcia Hotspur, our hero, sets off to save his girlfriend, who is being held captive by demons in Hell. Throughout his journey, Garcia carries along a stick topped with a flaming skull that speaks in a cockney accent, which serves as his guide through the netherworld. There's also a bone-shooting gun called The Boner. Sold yet?