Wii 2 Controller Details Emerge, Includes Built-In Touchscreen And Camera

project cafe

Reports have emerged in recent days that Nintendo will be unveiling a new gaming console at this year's E3. The company has yet to issue an official statement -- and likely won't, until just before or during the June trade show -- but the mounting number of sources speaking out on the news have all but confirmed it. Some new details have now come out on the makeup of this Wii 2's controller, which is said to feature a built-in touchscreen.

The news comes from "games industry sources familiar with Nintendo's plans for the machine," speaking to Kotaku. The "main" controller features a 6.2-inch touch screen, a camera, eight buttons and twin analog thumbsticks. It seems that the console, which some insiders are referring to as Project Café, will also support some sort of motion control input as well.

There's no word on what form this controller will take, if it'll use or even support Wii Remotes or if it will be something entirely new. Games released for the console will be split between the two control methods, though there's also talk of games that will offer different ways to play depending on which type of controller you're using. Obviously this opens up the range of co-op possibilities as well.

The gamepad-style controller's touchscreen -- who knows, maybe the motion controller will have it as well -- receives information wirelessly from the console. Between that and the built-in camera, a wide range of game-enhancing (or game-changing) possibilities present themselves. Especially with the rumored HD video output and Xbox 360/PlayStation 3-competitive hardware, which will allow Nintendo to draw back the core gamer audience while hanging onto the Wii's more casual, family-friendly appeal.