'Mass Effect 3' Visits New York And London, Brings Back Loot Collecting

mass effect 3

You knew this was coming. "Mass Effect 3" was the featured cover story in the latest issue of Game Informer, so it was only a matter of time before officially released screens made their way to the Internet. BioWare doesn't want you judging the look of the game based on blurry magazine scans posted on fansites, after all. Check out one screen up top and the other, featuring Commander Shepard trading fire with a Cerberus lackey on the Salarian homeworld, after the jump.

These images come from Game Informer, as the watermark clearly informs you. There's also some new detail out there on the gameplay in "Mass Effect 3," thanks to a preview in a Spanish games magazine (via CVG). There isn't much in the way of spoilers, as the content is mostly focused on how the game will play.

The only story point discussed is Shepard's connection with Cerberus at the beginning of "Mass Effect 3." Previous reports had indicated that the pro-human organization would be gunning for the game's protagonist when the story opens; the new preview confirms this, revealing that the reason will be explained at the start of the game as well.

mass effect 3

In terms of Shepard specifically, players will have some new abilities to take advantage of, including a dive for cover, a "SWAT turn" and a wider variety of melee attacks. The magazine mentions a new class, called Heavy Melee. One of the other new skills is specific to Engineers, allowing them to build turrets.

The previously confirmed weapon customization will offer five variants in each section, though exactly what the sections are and how many there are isn't specified. There will also be more items to loot, which should please fans who were put off by the previous game's de-emphasized loot collecting. Visited locations will include New York, London, a Krogan moon, the Salarian homeworld and Mars.

There's a bit more besides, including details on how enemies can now take body location-specific damage and confirmation that vehicles seen in the previous games won't be returning.