Developer: 'Bourne' Game Too Violent For Matt Damon's Liking

The Bourne ConspiracyWhen I saw highly impressive "The Bourne Conspiracy" a few weeks back at Sierra's spring media gathering, I came away with a lingering question: where was the star of the films, Matt Damon?

During my demo, a representative from the developer, High Moon Studios, described how the author of the Bourne books collaborated on the storyline and the game's cinematography was modeled after the shaky cam featured in the movies.

So, where was, Bourne himself, Mr. Damon? He turned down an offer to be involved with "The Bourne Conspiracy," High Moon director of business relations Meelad Sadat told me. Damon was in negotiations to lend his voice and likeness when development was getting off the ground, but he took issue with the game's level of violence and pulled out.

MTV Multiplayer reached out to Damon's publicist for comment, but our phone call was not returned.

Damon's decision could be linked to feelings shared by his mother, Carlsson-Paige. Earlier this month, Paige participated in an online chat with newspaper The Boston Globe, where she shared strong feelings about violent games. "I am very wary of violent video games," she said. "Research shows they desensitize kids to violence, even more because they engage kids in committing violence."

When asked if she approves of her son's violent films, she admitted they always agree on media issues. "Matt and I don’t share the same views about violence in adult films, but we do see eye-to-eye on the importance of protecting children," she said. "We both support regulations to stop the marketing of violence in films to children through violent toys, products, and video games."

In hindsight, Meelad wasn't upset with Damon's decision, as it allowed them to form a new Jason Bourne for players to assume the identity of. There's no celebrity association with their version of the character, Meelad argued.

Readers, would you have preferred Damon to be involved in "The Bourne Conspiracy"? And what do you think of his reasons for not becoming involved?

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