Stephen Dorff Hopes 'Motel Life' Will Have Real World Effects

"The Motel Life," the new movie starring Stephen Dorff and Emile Hirsch, tells the story of two brothers who have to go on the run after one of them is involved in a hit and run.

When Dorff originally found the project, as he told MTV New's Josh Horowitz, it started as a way to do something he'd wanted to do for a while: play Hirsch's brother. "This one was kind of a small one from the get-go. It was kind of on the bottom of the pile, but then I found it," he said. I saw that Emile was attached to it."

But from there, it turned into a much more interesting journey into two characters that he found fascinating.

"I thought Jerry Lee was a very different character for me, and it was about trying to find this child-like guy. It seemed like two diamonds in the rough," he said. "These two guys have a lot of talent, but they've been given not the greatest scenario for their lives. They live in motels. They have no money, but they have this incredible loyalty to each other."

And by the end of it, Dorff's involvement with "The Motel Life" became much more personal. Being involved with a movie that hinged on a brotherly bond, Dorff's thoughts turned to his younger brother, Andrew, who he doesn't see often.

"I really want him to see it. I don't think he's seen it yet. It's an important movie because I feel like the loyalty and the love between them is so pure and honest," he said. "We can kind of envy that, I think. These two really only have each other, and there's such a beautiful thing going on between them. I hope my brother would see it. We don't get to see each other that much, so it would be nice to get closer through 'The Motel Life.'"

"The Motel Life" is available now on iTunes and OnDemand.