The Weekend Guide: 'Gravity,' Miley, and Other Forces of Nature


By Amelia Mularz

The government shutdown is NOT projected to affect Goobers sales. Thank god. Head to an institution you can count on—the movie theater̵and catch a flick. Here's what's happening this weekend:

On the Big Screen: "Gravity"

Gravity, the sexiest of all of Newton's laws, has always been a mainstay in entertainment. There was the song by John Mayer, and later a jingle of the same name by Sara Bareilles. Also, the witches in the musical "Wicked" defied gravity, as did Bieber's hair for most of 2012. Well, this weekend Sandra Bullock (Ryan Stone) and George Clooney (Matt Kowalski) get a massive dose of weightlessness when their characters get lost in space in Alfonso Cuarón's new film "Gravity." The movie will take you for a ride, it'll revive your love for oxygen, and it'll have you wondering if the characters are wearing adult diapers under their space suits. James Cameron has already called it "the best space film ever." That coming from the guy who gave us "Aliens"? Um yeah, go see it.

On the Boob Tube: "Miley: The Movement" Deluxe Edition

Back on earth, a woman masquerades as a bear and jiggles her gluteus muscles all the way from childhood to adult superstardom. Science fiction? No, it's just the life of Miley Cyrus. You may have already caught "Miley: the Movement" on TV earlier this week, but Sunday night at 8pm MTV unleashes the deluxe edition. It's kinda like the documentary with a side of fries and a milkshake. It's got an extra half hour of footage tacked onto the already "dope" original hour.

From Your DVD Collection: "Spaceballs"

When James Cameron was ranking the best space movies, clearly "Spaceballs" was up near the top. If you need a refresher on how space works before seeing the intensity that is "Gravity," grab this on DVD and check in with Captain Lone Starr and Barf. It's probably safe to assume those guys were character studies for Bullock and Clooney.