The First Four Minutes Of 'Now You See Me' Will Have You Believing In Magic

"Now You See Me" has looked like a roller coaster ride of a film ever since the first trailer was released, and everything we've seen about the movie since then has reinforced that point. Now Summit Entertainment has revealed the first four minutes of the movie (okay, it's actually just the first three minutes and 40 seconds) to serve as an introduction to its four central characters.

Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco and Isla Fisher serve as a group of world-famous magicians who team up to pull off a pretty ridiculous heist in "Now You See Me." Here we are introduced to them individually to see how they each pull off their own brand of magic. Also, did anyone else pick out the seven of diamonds from that deck of card? Eisenberg's character is clearly very good at what he does, though we're a bit concerned about the fate of Fisher's.

MTV News had a chance to visit the set of "Now You See Me," and its stars opened up about the use of magic and sleight of hand in the movie. Fisher said that this is a subject she's long been interested in.

"I've always been attracted to magic," Fisher said. "It keeps a part of your childish optimism alive to see someone do something like that. And actually Jesse [Eisenberg] has gotten really good. He can actually do genuine magic now, and so can some of the other cast."

So if there are those of you out there wondering if Eisenberg can actually do that card trick, chances are he can -- and will be asked to do it a whole lot on this movie's press tour.

"Now You See Me" is due in theaters on May 31.

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