Bo Burnham On Making The 'Anti-High School Musical' With Judd Apatow

For a while now people have been wondering what became of the Bo Burnham-penned, Judd Apatow-produced script dubbed the "anti-'High School Musical.'" So, the question is: When will we see it on the big screen... if ever? MTV News went to the source (no, not Apatow) to find out.

"We've been writing it for a couple years. I don't know if it'll be made or anything," said Burnham, a 20-year-old stand-up comic/musician who is known for his satirical songs and popular You Tube videos (and who has his very own Comedy Central special, "Words, Words, Words," airing Saturday). "It's just an R-rated 'High School Musical.' It's not a spoof. People would obviously make that comparison because it's going to be a musical in high school, but we were thinking that idea of a high school musical is incredible. It's a great idea, and it's not like we're spoofing that one."

So, what goes down in Burnham's version of high school musical? "They made the G-version but the real high school would make a great musical too… like eating disorders and homophobia. There's so much and when you contrast that with a song it becomes funny and dramatic. You can kind of make really serious issues light, but not in a way to make fun of them [but] kind of show how messed up it is."

If anything, Bo admits that at least he learned from the best when it comes to writing comedy for the big screen. "I don't know if its going to be made, but Judd was so incredible, so even if it's not made I learned how to write a movie from him," he shared. "I don’t know if [Judd would direct it]. I'm writing the music, but I'm not really a musician at all. I admit it, Bieber! Yeah, the main character is called Bo right now [so I might star in it]. I don't know if that will happen, but it would be awesome if it did."

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