'Resident Evil: Afterlife' Cast Members Try Out Lines From The Original Game

Long before "Resident Evil: Afterlife" was even being pitched, the first video game etched some ridiculous lines and voice acting into its players' memories. MTV Multiplayer Editor Russ Frushtick decided to see how well the latest film's seasoned cast members could do reading lines such as "It might be handy if you, the Master of Unlocking, take it with you," and try as they might, Milla Jovovich, Boris Kodjoe and Ali Larter weren't able to save them. The results were hilarious, however.

We at the MTV blogs looked at the exercise as a history lesson for the thespians, though. They all seemed to get into the parts, and you definitely can't knock them for a lack of energy. Milla Jovovich might even be able to take over all of Capcom's voice-acting duties the next time they decide to make a game sequel.

Until then, witness her spirited attempt to nail the line "Whoa, this hall is dangerous!" in the video clip above, and I think you can tell that she's completely internalized what it's like to be trapped in a building full of undead biohazard creatures roaming around trying to gut her.

Meanwhile, I'd actually love to see an edition made available of first "RE" with the part of Barry Burton recast using Kodjoe. Give a listen to his execution of the hallway warning, and I think you'll agree.

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