Simon Pegg Testifies, Shannon Elizabeth Kisses A Zombie And 'Sweet Valley High' In Today's Twitter-Wood

Simon Pegg happily tweeted about the publicity he hopes to see "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People" get in the U.S. now that an on-set burglary has resulted in a trial. If his co-star Megan Fox wasn't enough to get the film some attention, he predicts that his testimony will be.

One film that's been getting loads of Twitter attention this week has been "Zombieland," which everyone seems to have been invited to see. Shannon Elizabeth can be counted among those invitees and gets today's Twitter Pic of Day vote with the cutest zombie kiss you'll see this week. Check it out below along with Rumer Willis' backstage shot of a Govt. Mule concert, what Taylor Lautner has in common with a roller coaster and what Richard Kelly wants to see in Diablo Cody's "Sweet Valley High" movie. I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter-Wood report for September 24, 2009.

Twitter Pic of the Day:

@ShannonElizab - I had to stop & give a zombie a kiss on my way in!

-Shannon Elizabeth, Actres ("American Pie," "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back")

@simonpegg It's out ... I had to give testimony in a trial related to a robbery on the set of How To Lose Friends. At last! PR for the movie in the US!

-Simon Pegg, Actor ("Shaun of the Dead," "Run Fatboy Run")

@TheRue At a Gov't Mule Concert waiting to watch my dad play harmonica so awesome...and on a school night ;)

-Rumer Willis, Actress ("The House Bunny," "Sorority Row")

@diablocody Roller coasters are underwater in Georgia. This may not mean a lot to most people here, but roller coasters are my Taylor Lautner.

-Diablo Cody, Writer ("Jennifer's Body," "Juno")

@JRichardKelly @diablocody I fully expect to see a demon-slut walking the halls of SWEET VALLEY HIGH.

-Richard Kelly, Writer/Director ("Donnie Darko," "Southland Tales")

@aplusk Stuck on park ave waiting for Obama motorcade

-Ashton Kutcher, Actor ("The Butterfly Effect," "Spread")

@JessicaSimpson LOVED my first day in Uganda meeting incredible women filled with spirit...bedtime in the tent is questionable.think brookstone sleep jess.

-Jessica Simpson, Actress ("The Dukes of Hazzard," "Employee of the Month")

@johnaugust My iPhone no longer tries to auto-correct xo and xoxox. Yes, I'm 13-year old girl.

-John August, Writer/Director ("Big Fish," "The Nines")

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