'Captain Blood' Will Swashbuckle Again... In Space

Captain BloodIt's clearly a sci-fi oriented Friday, and I think we probably have Comic-Con to thank. On the heels of the "Alien" prequel announcement comes an offbeat bit of news that sends a pirate into orbit. According to Variety, Michael and Peter Spierig ("Daybreakers") will be directing a remake of the 1935 pirate film "Captain Blood" for Warner Bros. Rather go all Jack Sparrow on us, they're sending this particular pirate of the Caribbean into the final frontier.

The story of "Captain Blood" is a long way from Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean." It follows an Irish doctor with the rather gruesome name of Peter Blood who finds himself wrongly accused and imprisoned. He decides that piracy is a better option, and he joins with a French buccaneer named Levasseur. Together, they happily raid and pillage until the Frenchman comes between Blood and his lady love, Arabella Bishop. Cue the duels and swashbuckling!

The Spierigs got the gig thanks to a beautiful animated pitch and the futuristic setting. They promise that their "Blood" will follow the original fairly closely. You know, except for that whole "pirates in space" thing.

I'm not so attached to the original that I'm upset by a departure like this -- after all, the 1935 version was itself a remake -- and I think it sounds like it might have more than a little dash of "Serenity" to it. I mean, can anyone really say no to a story of space mercenaries in the vein of Captain Mal and Han Solo?

Are you up for an outer space version of "Captain Blood"? Or do you prefer your pirates on the seven seas?