Russell Crowe Spends 'The Next Three Days' With Paul Haggis

Russell CroweThere isn't a Russell Crowe movie that I won't watch. I confess to not only owning "A Good Year" but watching it multiple times simply because I occasionally need a trip to the French wine-country with a stern Australian. I've already pre-bought my ticket to Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood," and now I can check the calender days off for Crowe's latest, "The Next Three Days."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Days" actually has Crowe taking a break from Universal and his director friend Scott. The actor will team up with Paul Haggis ("Crash") and Lionsgate for this remake of the 2008 French thriller "Pour Elle."

The story follow a married couple who find their happy lives turned upside down when the wife is imprisoned for murder. Not only does her husband believe her claims of innocence, he concocts a plan to break her out of prison. Forget chocolates and red roses... that's love! It's also the perfect role for a tough guy like Crowe, who shines when he gets to play the anguished action hero.

Filming is scheduled to begin in September, meaning Crowe will be fresh off of "Robin Hood" and in full fighting form. Now if you'll excuse me, I think it's time to watch "The Quick and the Dead" again...

Are there still Russell Crowe fans out there, or have his phone-throwing ways scared audiences off? Do you think this is a good role for him? Or have you written it off as another unnecessary foreign remake?