Uma Thurman Dons A Nun's Habit For 'Girl Soldier'

Uma ThurmanUma Thurman never fails to impress me with her effortless ability to genre hop. While she's been playing it pretty loose and goofy since wielding that samurai sword in Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" duology, her next project looks to straighten her right up.

Thurman is set to lend her luminosity to "Girl Soldier," the true and tragic story of 140 Ugandan girls who were kidnapped and enslaved in 1996. According to Variety,, "Soldier" is based on Kathy Cook's firsthand account of the incident, "Stolen Angels."

The book recounts the story of girls who were kidnapped from their school by Joseph Kony, leader of Uganda's Lord Resistance Army. They were forced to become soldiers and sex slaves, and would have been forgotten had it not been for their mothers and a group of interfaith clerics who fought to rescue them from their captors.

Thurman will play one of the clerics, a nun by the name of Sister Caroline. She tracked the LRA members back to their camp and demanded the release of the kidnapped. 110 girls were returned to her, but Caroline refused to turn her back on the rest. She began a crusade to rally parents, the Ugandan government, the United Nations and even the Pope to assist in rescuing all of the children living in captivity.

Thurman says that she was drawn to the role in part to help shed light on the situation so many children worldwide face. ""This is a film that had to get made," Thurman said. "It's beyond me that in this day and age the exploitation of child soldiers goes virtually unnoticed and unchecked by Western media."

"Soldier" will be directed by Will Raee ("1000 Ways to Die") from a script by Karen Croner ("One True Thing") and newcomer Stephanie Pinola, and is being produced by Caspian Pictures, a shingle which aims to make socially conscious films. Here's hoping the shoot gets underway soon, and that audiences and critics focus on the story, not whether or not Thurman is too pretty to play a nun. (You know there's going to be a good number of critics insisting they were "distracted" by her looks!)

Readers, is Thurman the right actress to bring this story to the big screen? Will you seek out "Girl Soldier" when it hits theaters?