The Magic of 'Harry Potter' Continues In The Sunday Box Office Report

Harry Potter1. "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince." ($79.5 million)

2. "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" ($17.7 million)

3. "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" ($13.8 million)

4. "Bruno" ($8.4 million)

5. "The Hangover" ($8.3 million)

Box office successes! If there is such a cheesy spell, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" doesn't need it because fan devotion and critical enthusiasm has been enough this summer. The film has cast a spell over audiences, with $79.5 million earned so far this weekend, bringing the five day total to $159.7 million. For those not keeping score at home, this is the best debut yet for any Harry Potter installment yet.

While the film won't be hurting when it makes its Gringotts deposit, Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that rival studios are crowing about its "failure" to approach the numbers of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," which still holds the box office crown. "Half-Blood Prince" was reportedly hurt by being delayed. When Warner Bros changed its release date from November to July they couldn't book any IMAX theaters since they were already committed to Optimus Prime and Michael Bay.

With all the excitement and buzz surrounding the Boy Who Lived, few remembered that "(500) Days of Summer" also made its limited release debut this weekend. Playing in only 27 locations, it nevertheless nabbed a solid $837,500 in box office receipts. Maybe not enough to make the top five, but perhaps we'll see it there when the film expands to more cities and multiplexes near you.

Instead, an old summer friend made a return. "The Hangover" climbed back to #5 with $8.3 million, just tens of thousands of dollars shy pf taking #4 away from "Bruno." It looks like the boys had to come back for one last drink and keep that party going, especially with such wholesome wizardry going on elsewhere.

What are you seeing this weekend, readers? Is it "Harry Potter" for you, or did you extend your summer another "500 Days"? Or are you foggy on the weekend's festivities, thanks to that splitting "Hangover"?