Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan Are 'A Couple of Cops' For Kevin Smith

Bruce WillisYesterday afternoon, news broke on the blogosphere that Kevin Smith's next movie would be "A Couple of Dicks." This was surprising to everyone, since he had stressed that "Red State" would be next on his plate, with a sci-fi comedy to follow.

Just as everyone was getting used to the idea of a new Smith project, and one that wasn't scripted by him (the script has been floating on the famous Black List, a yearly chronicle of best unmade scripts in Hollywood), the casting announcements came in. According to Variety, Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan are set to star -- and the film has been given a clean and shiny new title: "A Couple of Cops."

(Smith seems destined to have his titles sanitized -- remember all the trouble "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" got into with the censors?)

Willis and Morgan will play two LAPD detectives who are enlisted to track down a stolen baseball card, but find their task to be fraught with danger, as they tangle with mobsters, laundered drug money, and a mysterious Mexican beauty. The synopsis has a bit of Shane Black (the writer behind classics like "Lethal Weapon" and "The Last Boy Scout") to it, and who doesn't long for a return to those snappy buddy cop movie?

"Cops" was scripted by Robb and Marc Cullen, and will not only be the first time Smith directs another man's script, it's also going to be his first major studio film. Smith will be directing "Cops" for Warner Bros rather than Miramax / The Weinstein Co, which means he may have to tone down the raunch ... but you don't hire Smith for a G rating, so let's hope he gets a free rein and a really big budget.

MTV readers, what do you think of Smith breaking out of his View Askew scripted mold? Will Willis and Morgan make a good pair of detectives? Is it a good threesome all around? Sound off below!