'Born To Rock' Seeks Director For Fish-Out-Of-Water Roadie Movie

'Born to Rock'After shooting Ed Norton in "Pride and Glory," director Gavin O'Connor just wants to rock out.

His next film, which he co-wrote with producer Josh Fagin, is called "Born to Rock," and it's a twist on MTV's "Rock the Cradle," focusing on the progeny of a rock icon. Only instead of wanting to be like dear old dad, this rock spawn's idea of rebelling is to be conservative and go to college, until a misunderstanding derails his plans.

Based on Gordon Korman's novel, the lead in "Born to Rock" is a straight-laced guy named Leo Caraway, who's headed for Harvard until he's falsely accused of cheating on a test and loses his scholarship. He then learns that his father isn't the man who raised him, but is told his real dad is King Maggot, the noose-wearing singer of the legendary '80s punk band Purge (whose other members are guitarist Neb Nezzer, bassist Zach Ratzenburger, and drummer Max Plank).

So fish-out-of-water Leo works as a roadie on the band's summer reunion tour in the hopes of getting bio-dad to foot the $40,000 bill for his first year at Harvard -- and the outing is more Ozzy than Ozzie and Harriet.

"His dad is an amalgam of many different guys," O'Connor said. "It's not just one person specifically. We took a page out of a lot of guys' lives, but not necessarily rock star dads, just rock stars, and added a kid into the equation. How do you deal with that? That was the approach."

O'Connor won't be directing "Born to Rock" himself. "We're looking for a director now," he said. "Hopefully we'll find the right person. There's no one attached to star in yet, but we turned in a script to Paramount and MTV Films seems to want to make the movie, so we shall see."

Who do you think would be good to play a rock star dad? Or a rock star's son?