Even Comic Book Writers' Kids Love 'Twilight' -- Just Ask Neil Gaiman And Mike Mignola

'Twilight'FROM SPLASH PAGE: It's not just Barack Obama's kids who love "Twilight" -- First Daughter-Elect Malie might bond with her dad over vampire lore, but so do the daughters of comics writers Neil Gaiman and Mike Mignola, and I have a feeling that those conversations might be slightly scarier.

"My daughter Amy is in love with the 'Twilight' books," Mignola told us.

"My daughter Maddie read the 'Twilight' series," Gaiman told us, "but she alternately loved it and got frustrated with it, so I would get alternate reports back from her: 'I love it!' to 'Oh, no, they're doing something wrong!' And then she'd come back triumphantly, 'I knew they were just werewolves! I knew they were a werewolf family!'"

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