'Journey' To The Center Of Reykjavik: The Adventure Continues

We've sent intrepid producer Vanessa White Wolf to Iceland this week for a slew of reports on the land that helped set the scene for the upcoming "Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D." Yes, we're jealous too.

Today was so incredible – and barely any of it was spent in Reykjavik. We left the hotel early (not until I had another helping of Skyr, obvs) and headed west for the Snaefellsness area. Our first stop was the Snorrastadir horsefarm where half the group rode Icelandic horses around the area. One of the noteworthy traits of the Icelandic horse is their ability to move each of their legs independently of each other – I didn’t see this so I’m still not sure exactly what that means. I tapped into my Native American heritage and rode a horse, but was alarmed to see the photos afterwards. Like, my helmet didn’t really fit and I was easily twice the size of my horse. I actually looked like a crazy person.

After our ride we headed inside for snacks of smoked lamb and dried fish, while we learned about Iceland’s volcanic landscape from geologist Oddur Sigurdsson. We headed out to our lunch destination, theHotel Hellnar, which features an Italian chef who was living in Scotland. After filling up, we were ready to tackle the truly breathtaking Snaefellsnes glacier. Everyone suited up in overalls and boots – and while most of the group jumped into a snowcrawler to make the trek up to the top, I was one of the few who braved it on a snowmobile. After a 20-minute ride up, at times at a 45-degree angle, we were at the very top and could look out over the land and ocean. It was unbelievable.

We headed back down and finally arrived at the night’s lodging, Hotel Budir. It’s a small hotel – really just looks like a house – with 28 rooms. Spectacular views. But unfortunately, no internet service at all. Our dinner started with an appetizer – a terrine of foie gras, sheep’s head meat, and puffin. (Remember puffins from yesterday’s entry? Yeah. Those.) And I’ve got to say, I was one of maybe 3 people who didn’t completely clean their plate.

Sleep came shortly after. Thursday’s agenda includes waterfalls and a return to Reykjavik.